Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gatewood Remodel

Garage. Stairs to Upstairs "Study"
Doing a Remote and "Virtual" rehab has its benefits and challenges. I can not see the property to determine what the budget would be for the rehab, and I can not ask questions or direct the contractors on how to do the work. I must completely "trust" my feet on the ground to tell me what is going on, on a day to day basis.

This rehab was a roller coaster. During the Summer/Fall of 2013, there were two F5 hurricanes that swept within 10 miles of my project. First, Moore to the south was devastated, then El Reno to the west. There was an unseasonable amount of rain as well. The previous owner had replaced the roof before close of escrow, which was great, but there were no rain gutters to take the water AWAY from the house. This caused flooding in the garage, and probably caused the foundation issues with the house that were noted in the inspection report.

A notable hiccup in the project includes a burst water line to the refrigerator. It caused water to pool in the kitchen cabinet, and floor. Luckily the bamboo floors had not been installed yet, and thus not ruined. After the renovation was finished, the house was broken into, and some of the contractor tools were stolen. Those were major bummers.

Baseboards being repainted
Master Bathroom
Finishing Garage
Refinish Front Door
Refinish "Faux" Fireplace
Repurposed wood trellis into seat wall
New Utility Shelves for Laundry Room / Mud Room
Redesigned "Faux" Fireplace
Repainted Interiors
Removed sidewalk and regraded front lawn
Widened stairs to Upstairs "Study"
New Light Fixtures
New Sod for regraded lawn
Seat Wall
Trench to drain water AWAY from the house
Trench filled in.