Monday, December 30, 2013

Plaza Place Remodel


When it comes to the holidays, many city operations "shut down". This happened in Hayward, but luckily, I hustled to get the HOA Architectural Approval and the City of Hayward building permit approval before they went on vacation. On a different project I was working on, I needed to contact the City of Fremont planning department and consult a number of architects. They too were "shut down" or out for the holidays. It's not easy hustling when no one is around.

With the permit in hand, it was time for construction to being. My contractor took a holiday for Christmas, and got right onto the job. Framing lumber went up and BOOM - a new room was created. Having permits on a project is a necessary "evil." Some people prefer not getting them, because of the hassle and cost, but permits give owners peace of mind. There is peace of mind because all the work performed is reviewed and approved before the next step may continue. It's like a teacher checking homework at certain milestones.

New bedroom framing
New closet framing
Pulling electricity into the new wall
Above closet "SOLID"
Wall bracing
Hung Drywall
Mosaic Tile Backsplash being put in
Drywall taped. Ready to texture.
Backsplash complete
Walls textured and painted.
Walls textured and painted.

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