Happy Clients Make Me Happy

Garrick is very professional, knowledgeable and customer oriented agent. He will work with you under all circumstances and even go a mile beyond to make sure you are a satisfied customer. It was a delight working with him. - JK 1/15/2016

Garrick is one of the best realtors in Bay Area. He helped us to purchase our first house in San Jose. I would highly recommend Garrick to anyone who wants to purchase or sell their home. - ND 12/23/3015

Garrick is very friendly and pragmatic. He guided us through the process with appropriate guidance. He never over promised or under delivered. He stays on top of things and provided correct estimates and help us setting right expectations. Even after the house deal is closed, he is still helping us with right suggestions on our move. Garrick is professional, nice and a good human-being whom we can trust. - JM 12/4/2015

Garrick is superb. Prior to working with Garrick, I worked with 2 other realtors who were just working to get commission out of the deal. First time we entered the (to-be) condo, he pointed out all the positive and negative points. When I asked him how much we should offer, he said a price that most accurately matched the closing price. The best part about him is that he is way too straight-forward. He speaks to the point and explains everything before hand. One more important thing for a first time home buyer like me was his promptness on replying to emails/sms texts as well as my phone calls. Not once did I realize that Garrick is working just to benefit from the deal. He guided me well through out the contract and always made me feel as though I was family to him. 

~Words coming out from someone who just moved in the the States without having any prior knowledge on home buying. 

Thank you Garrick. I am definitely one of all your happy and satisfied customers - PS 12/3/2015

Very responsive! Thinks outside the box. He'll get you results. - NP 11/15/2015

We worked with Garrick for nearly a year to find our home. We had a wide footprint and Garrick was professional, knowledgeable and patient throughout the process. We even put our search on hold for a number of months and Garrick was never pushy. Instead he took the time to understand what we were looking for and always answered our many texts, emails and phone calls asking for more data. He came prepared to house tours with disclosures and a keen eye for the details. And once we got to the offer phase, his experience and market knowledge helped us tremendously. Garrick is not flashy. Instead he is exactly what you want in a real estate agent. I recommend him highly. - AC 10/16/2015

Garrick is A+ #1! He was extremely encouraging through the search and bidding for new homes. We had been searching in 2013 when we first met up with Garrick, and even though we hit a roadblock and ended up not purchasing a house, Garrick was understanding of our situation. He never once made us feel like we wasted his time. His professionalism and courtesy was what brought us back to him when we started looking again this year in 2015. After searching for a long time (because we are picky people) we were successful in a really tough market, and he was patient with us through the whole process. We were very comfortable to put all our trust in his expertise. Needless to say, Garrick is simply a superstar - NK 8/7/2016

Garrick is absolutely the whole package. Honest, trustworthy, transparent, knowledgeable, and a real friend. We were hesitant and scared about selling, but Garrick was extremely sensitive and was totally leading us the whole way. Buying or selling, would definitely recommend him. Thank you, Garrick! - JK 9/20/2015

Garrick is a very capable Redfin Partner. Garrick was with us every step along the process, from the searching for a home we love all the way to post-closing. He provided valuable insight and feedback at each step thanks to his vast knowledge and experience of the market. If you find a house that you love, be assured that Garrick will do all he can to get it for you. - T. H. 8/12/2015

Garrick knows the process, but more importantly he provides best in class customer service. He is proactive and follows through on every commitment he makes. Made selling a home enjoyable and someone who you would have as your real estate agent for every home selling or home buying need. One of the key learnings we learned from him was the overall plan needed to market your home and creating the demand for it. Thanks Garrick! - H. D. 7/15/2015

Garrick is an invaluable asset when trying to navigate the housing market. His professional yet approachable demeanor made the entire home buying process a smooth one despite the numerous jitters we had from being first time buyers. Garrick provided valuable insight about the condition of the homes, through our numerous walk throughs, pointing out things we would have easily missed. He has remained supportive, even after closing on the home, as we move forward with necessary renovations. Garrick is the real deal and should not be missed. - C. C. 5/28/2015

We bought our very first home with Garrick and had an excellent experience. Absolutely recommend working with him. - 5/6/2015

Garrick is one of the best Realtors in the Bay Area. He helped us to purchase a single family house in San Leandro in a super economic price and made sure the whole process went smoothly.

Before we decided to buy the house, Garrick sent so many market information for our reference. When we decided to buy, he offered more useful information. He is really nice and insist. Garrick is extremely responsive and patient to listen to you and get you the best out there. I would highly recommend Garrick to anyone who is the market to purchase or sell their home, he will make sure you get the best deal in this highly competitive market. Anyone can get you in a house when market is slow, but when the market is as competitive as today it only takes an agent with high skills and connections to make it happen and Garrick is one of those agents.

Garrick is an invaluable asset when trying to navigate the housing market. His professional yet approachable demeanor made the entire home buying process a smooth one despite the numerous jitters we had from being first time buyers. Garrick provided valuable insight about the condition of the homes, through our numerous walkthroughs, pointing out things we would have easily missed. He has remained supportive, even after closing on the home, as we move forward with necessary renovations. Garrick is the real deal and should not be missed. - Samanda K - 5/25/2015

Garrick was very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the buying and selling processes - inspections, possible repairs and other house problems, bidding, local trends, and all the paperwork required. He was always quick to respond and available at short notice, and stayed on top of communication with us, the other agent, the inspection folks, and the escrow people. - 11/20/2014

Garrick was excellent at locating a home with me, as well as helping me understand the purchase process in California!!!  I highly recommend Garrick Yan as a Realtor. - 10/18/2014

Garrick is very personable, knowledgeable and professional. We bought our house through and he helped us through the entire process. He knew the process timeline well and was able to keep us on track such as finding a loan and other bank related paperwork. Though he is out of our area, he stepped up and helped us with our home purchase. He even flew down to Camarillo when we did our home inspection. Garrick helped us take care of many things, such as finding an inspector and termite company. Both recommendation he gave us turned out very good. We were also able to close escrow on time. We are very glad that Garrick helped us with our home purchase. Nice and professional! I highly recommend him. - 8/19/2014

Garrick Yan was instrumental to my easy and smooth home purchase. He reviewed the contract, advised me on how to work with my agent, and helped me to understand the different pros and cons of using the same agent for the sell/buy side. He is super fast with email and always willing to help. He was my secret weapon when talking with my agent and I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation. Seeing how well he treated me and I wasn't even his client I can't imagine how well he treats his actual clients. Thanks Garrick! - John C - 8/4/2014

Garrick was awesome... called about a home and got to see it the next day. He was very knowledgeable about the home, the area, and walked me through the process of buying. This guy really knows his stuff! - 6/23/2014

Garrick was an EXCELLENT agent.  He helped us to buy our first home and we could not have asked for a better agent.  He went above and beyond the call of duty to help us feel comfortable with our purchase.  He advocated for us and he was real with us.  I am a physician with a hectic and crazy schedule and Garrick was patient and always there for us.

Garrick is sometimes quiet but very smart and does not waste any time.  He listens to what you want, observes what would be a good fit, and was never inappropriately pushy.  He challenged us and questioned us at all the right moments in order to guide us along the process.  We give our highest recommendation (and we are a picky pair) without any reservations.  Don't hog him up because we will be calling him again when we look for our next home. Good luck! - momar10000 2/4/2014 

Garrick  is attentive, diligent, patient and considerate. He has gone through a lot with us to help us in closing the deal. We appreciate it very much. We had trouble with the seller committing to the deal as they had decided to not selling it despite the agreement. Garrick professionally assisted us in bargaining with the seller to prevent them from doing it even though they cursed and scolded at him. Eventually Garrick convinced them in committing to closing before our locked loan due to expire.  All in all both Garrick and us have gained a good experience over this transaction. - hltpu7 12/9/2013

Garrick was excellent to work with. He was very knowledgeable, professional, and always took the time to answer all our questions and concerns. Garrick was essential in helping us close our home where another, almost exact property in the same development was unable to close. We would absolutely recommend Garrick and will contact him again if we were to sell/purchase a home again. - 12/8/2013

Garrick is very honest, kind and agent with lots of patience. He took our entire family drove around hayward for hours to search for the ideal home. We are extremely happy having to work with Garrick for our house search process.


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